Philosophy and Commitments

As a biotechnology cosmetics manufacturing group, we are well aware that we have responsibilities to the environment, shareholders, investors, customers, suppliers, employees, government and public. In addition to pursuit of profit returns to the investors, we must comply with the social responsibilities. All the corporate management behaviors should be strictly complied with the code of corporate ethics.

Based on the business philosophy of "science and technology driven, managementoriented" and the spirit of sustainable management, we continue to self-require and self-improve in corporate governance, work safety, environmental protection and social welfare, to meet the Group's commitment to the public.

Social Welfare

Our group has spared no effort in social welfare, donating to the "Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation" and the "Love for Mothers' Family Charity Fund" and assisting public welfare activities in medical, education and social welfare in remote areas, such as the recent "walking for love" large-scale hiking charity activities. Through the model of "sports + public welfare + tourism", wecreate a multi-influenced charity carnival in one city and one place.

Labor and Safety

 To enable each employee to work with peace of mind and to develop their strengths is the goal that Thai Ho Group pursues continuously. In order to attract talents, we support gender equality, human rights, safety and health, and also provide stable wages, preferential benefits, integrated training and a good promotion system, which enable employees to continuously develop their personal abilities and physical and mental health, while at the same time being able to take care of their families with peace of mind. We put all efforts to create a good working environment.

Environmental Protection

Making the earth more beautiful is our constant pursuit. To this end, when our plant was under construction, we designedvarious measures to eliminate or control environmental pollution factors, so that our production processes and products are harmless to the earth, the environment and the human body.

We make the following efforts:Green manufacturing: Reduce unnecessary packaging materials. And use eco-friendly materials, raw materials without animal experiments, and no contaminated raw materials.Environment monitoring: Regularly implement environmentmonitoring inside and outside the plant to reduce the possibility of polluting the environment to zero; the sewage treatment station that meets environmental requirements will keep the water quality free from pollution; and the advanced and efficient dust recovery device will keep the air free from pollution.Energy Management: In addition to the various control facilities that save water, electricity, gas and oil, we also recycle air compressor's waste heat for heating.



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