R&D center

Quality, R&D, Innovation, and Service (QRIS) is the working DNA rooted in each Thai Ho employee. Therefore, Thai Ho Group insists that the annual investment in product research and innovative design accounts for over 7% of the Group's revenue, in order to maintain the Group's image and status as the engine for the development and innovation of major beauty products in the world.The current research and development projects to be invested and will be invested are as follows:

In the past 40 years, Thai Ho Group has won a number of patents for scientific research results. A number of product patents have been selected by international brands. We have also launched a number of products that are popular in the market and successfully sold.

In September 2015, subsidiary in Japan was established. In May 2016, R&D center in Japan was established to develop and innovate formulas, technical processes and preferred raw materials.At present, there are many R&D engineers and a number of senior R&D consultants in Japan, which lays a good foundation for Thai Ho to enter the Japanese market and the world's top brand market.

Since 2018, Thai Ho has signed a cooperation agreement with the Department of Cosmetics and Cosmetics of Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan to cultivate future R&D talents, guide outstanding graduates to enter Thai Ho Group, and establish a platform for industry-university cooperation for future R&D talents.

As Thai Ho Group attaches great importance to R&D technology, since 2014, Lixin Biotech Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. under the Thai Ho Group has twice won the Shanghai High-Tech Enterprise approved by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. In 2017, the company won the COSMETECH manufacturing award from the China Beauty Expo Committee; in 2018, the company won the Best Research and Development Award of Meiyi Award (the highest award) from the China Beauty Expo Committee.



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